The integrated risk management solution

Tired of piece-meal corporate solutions that don’t give you a holistic view of your corporate risk? AgilityCorporateis an integrated risk management solution specifically designed for employer groups.. Created specifically for the South African business community, the Agilityapproach ensures your employees’ wellbeing, healthcare and related product needs are more than adequately taken care of without duplicating products or costs.

Invaluable data is key to our programme which, combined with integrated reporting, ensures a detailed and transparent snapshot of the employees’ wellbeing. Our outcomes-based reporting makes sure that you as an employer become a wellbeing and human capital risk management expert, enabling you to timeously intervene, manage and substantially reduce the risks associated with your human capital.

This means a reduced need for human intervention, claims authorisations that are done in real-time, and significantly reduces costs to medical schemes that are able to pass savings on to their members in the form of lower annual contribution increases.  For the employer, integrated healthcare ensures your workforce is effectively monitored and treated when health concerns arise, as opposed to when a health event, such as a heart attack or other illness, occurs.  This directly impacts on sick leave taken, improves productivity, and the overall health of your workforce.

Group Risk Benefits

Group Life Assurance

- Educator Benefit

Disability Income

Dread Disease

Permanent Total Disability

Capital Disability

Accidental Death

Disability and Dismemberment 

Spouse Group Life 

Spouse Disability

Group Funeral Benefits

Credit Life

Group Key person insurance

Retirement Funding