Agility Employee Wellbeing

Did you know? It is estimated that corporate South Africa loses approximately R55.2 billion to sick leave per annum.

By placing a key focus on prevention, the Agility Corporate solution proactively manages all areas that could impact a worker’s overall wellbeing, whether the issues are related to their health, emotional wellbeing, or financial independence.

Through the Agility Employee Wellbeing programme, high risk employees are identified according to physical and biometric data. Once identified, these workers are proactively managed in a number of ways to keep them healthy for longer.

Agility Employee Wellbeing consists of both an entry level and enhanced programme to assist the employer to effortlessly manage their employees’ overall wellbeing.

  • The FREE Core programme (available to employers utilizing an Agility medical scheme) provides unlimited telephonic support and advice on financial matters, psycho-social factors, legal issues, stress management, and overall wellbeing, via a dedicated helpline. 

  • The Comprehensive programme perfectly complements your existing medical scheme cover for complete, holistic wellbeing solutions focusing on preventative care and integrating this with the employee’s medical scheme cover