Flexible healthcare savings

Known as one of the industry’s smartest healthcare savings solutions, the Agility Healthcard works exactly like a debit card but is defined for use at medical service providers. Not linked to a medical scheme, the Agility Healthcard is the perfect solution for those who understand how important it is to save for a rainy-health day. It is also the ideal mechanism for employers to provide entry-level health benefits to staff without medical scheme cover, or additional health benefits to those already covered.

Benefits for employers

  • Contribute a chosen monthly amount

  • Funds earn market-related interest

  • Funds can only be used at medical providers

  • Should the employee leave, funds will remain with the employer

  • The annual pay-out option can be used a year-end employee bonus

Benefits for individuals

  • Save as much as you can afford

  • Earn market related interest

  • Annual pay-out option at the end of each year