The ultimate in flexible healthcare savings

As one of the industry’s most unique healthcare savings solutions, the Agility Healthcard helps you to provide for unexpected healthcare shortfalls and expenses at any healthcare provider. Used just like a debit card, the Agility Healthcard is also the perfect way for an employer to provide entry-level cover, particularly for part-time or seasonal employees.  It can also be used to provide for added cover in conjunction with medical scheme benefits.  

Benefits for employers

  • Contribute a chosen monthly amount

  • Funds earn market-related interest

  • Funds can only be used at medical providers

  • Should the employee leave, funds will remain with the employer

  • The annual pay-out option can be used a year-end employee bonus

Benefits for individuals

  • Save as much as you can afford

  • Earn market related interest

  • Annual pay-out option at the end of each year