What sets Zurreal apart

No arbitrary points or rewards levels. No loss of rewards for not meeting certain goals. Just pure cash rewards and discounts for living the life you already do, anywhere in South Africa.

Medical scheme rewards programmes often have one thing on common – Achieve the prescribed goals, or lose out on vast amounts of benefits and rewards. This means members are chronically concerned of losing their points or rewards status.

That means all members have FREE access to Zurreal Rewards the moment they join.

Zurreal has eliminated all of that.

Zurreal gives members immediate access to deals and discounts across the country. So, no matter where your clients are, in a major metropole or in a small town, they’ll never be more than 20 minutes away from a great deal.

This includes discounts on:

Restaurants and Cafés
Airline and Bus Tickets
Home Improvement Materials

Members never have any unnecessary steps to take to move up.

Your clients can join Zurreal Platinum from the day they sign up for medical scheme cover, at the most competitive price in the industry.

Zurreal Platinum gives your clients the opportunity to take more control over their healthcare expenses by earning cash back that can be used to supplement unforeseen healthcare expenses at medical service provider and pharmacies.


That means

R12 000 back for going to the gym – Not just at major gyms. Members get cash back for going to any gym of their choice (as long as it has a clock-in system), nationwide.

R2 000 for taking part in sporting events. Members get cash back for taking part in sporting events across the country by getting their entry fees paid back to them.

R1 000 for taking chronic medication – Members on chronic medication can get up to R1 000 every year for simply taking their medication at least 90% of the time.

R4 500 for playing golf at any golf club in SA. Members who play at least three times a month can get their membership fees paid back (up to R4 500) every year.

R5 000 for completing a tertiary education – Members can get up to R5 000 for every year’s tertiary studies completed at a registered institution.

R4 050 for going for health checks – A few simple health checks at a doctor or clinic earns members cash-back

Yes, on top of all the incredible chances you get to earn cash-back rewards, you can also earn money for simply going for health checks at your doctor or pharmacy.

To claim any Zurreal Platinum cash-back reward, members simply follow these three steps.

1. Complete the requirements to claim the cash back rewards eg. Go to the gym 12 times or more a month, etc.

2. Submit their details and proof of the completion of the benefit to info@zurreal.co.za

3. Sit back and get their cash-back rewards paid out to them

So, what truly sets Zurreal apart is the fact that any of your clients, no matter where they are in South Africa, can get cash-back rewards as well as deals and discounts on products and services they’ll actually use. On top of that, they’ll never have to jump through any hoops to get it. That’s the Zurreal promise.

For more information on Zurreal Rewards and Zurreal Platinum, visit www.zurreal.co.za