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Retirement Funding – A non-negotiable for every modern individual

Did you know that only a small percentage of South Africans are able to retire with sufficient income?

That means that the majority will struggle in some form during their autumn years.

Agility Employee Benefits serves as the industry’s answer to a competitively priced, innovative and transparent umbrella fund that helps employees to effortlessly grow their nest eggs.

Created in response to the independent financial advisor community’s growing frustration with poor service, high cost and lack of transparency from retirement fund administration and investment providers, Agility Employee Benefits offers unique solutions to employees across all income levels.

Placing a key focus on calculated risk portfolios, Agility Umbrella Fund provides employers and their employees with an accessible, cost-effective retirement savings vehicle whilst ensuring best of breed asset management and returns on investment.

Investment Options

Subject to eligibility conditions, participants in the various Agility Umbrella Funds have a selection of four investment portfolios to choose from:

»» Agility Aggressive Fund

»» Agility Moderate Fund

»» Agility Conservative Fund

»» Agility Money Market Fund

The Agility Umbrella Fund suite can also be effortlessly combined with the Agility Life Group Risk solution as either approved or unapproved benefits for a full Agility Employee Benefits solution.

See? Retirement funding doesn’t have to be something that looms over your clients’ head until the day it comes back to bite them. With Agility, your clients will have peace of mind knowing that their needs are totally catered for.