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Agility Life Group Risk - Why your corporate clients will retain their employees during tough economic times

South Africa’s economy is struggling. The rand has slipped severely in August, making it harder for everyday people to make ends meet. Many may be looking to get a higher paying position to stay ahead.

But, what if there was a way for your corporate clients to keep their employees not just in the short term, but in the long term too.

How? By offering a benefit package that is both attractive and gives them the peace of mind they need to be able to focus on their work.

Why? Because many employees regard their benefit package as the primary reason for staying with their current employer.

That’s where Agility Life Group Risk steps in.

Agility Life’s Group Risk benefits fit into the overall Agility Corporate solution, an industry-first approach to seamlessly integrating financial services with health and employee wellbeing.

So, what can your corporate client offer their employees, and what do the employers get, as part of the Agility Life Group Risk benefit mix? Let’s take a look:

Group key person insurance – Safeguards the employer when losing executives or management employees by making funds available to either purchase a deceased member’s shares, find a replacement employee, or cover the cost of temporary staff.

Group life assurance: Educator Benefit – In the event of the death of an insured member, the Educator benefit provides the employees family with financial protection against the high cost of education.

Disability Income Insurance - A monthly pay-out of up to a percentage of the employee’s monthly salary.

Dread disease – Advance lump sum payment of all, or part of, the Group Life benefit, providing financial assistance in the event of certain critical diseases such as stroke, cancer or kidney failure

Payment Total Disability Capital Disability – Accelerated benefit of Group Life providing a lump sum to an employee who is permanently and totally disabled.

Accidental death-, accidental disability – and Dismemberment benefit – In the event of an accidental death or disability, the insurance will pay a benefit in addition to any Group Life and/or Funeral benefit.

Spouse Group Life & Spouse Disability – Policy pays on the death and disability of the employee’s spouse similar to the Group Life Assurance and PTF Capital Disability benefits.

Group Funeral Benefits – A benefit that pays out a lump sum in the event of the death of the employee, spouse, child or extended family member to assist with funeral costs.

Credit Life – Typically required when an employee takes out a staff loan with the cover taking care of the outstanding balance should the employee pass away, become disabled or be retrenched.

The benefits don’t just make sense for employees – They make sense for employers too.

Employer groups of 50 or more also have access to Agility Corporate HealthCoin. On top of the benefits for employees, like FREE access to the Agility Employee Wellbeing Core Programme, and FREE Zurreal Rewards membership to all employees, employers also get:

  • The newly introduced dashboard report for high-level view of solution makeup and human capital risks.  
  • Dashboard report supplemented by ongoing data analyses & detailed reporting.

And thanks to an unprecedented service promise, your corporate clients will get:

  • Full electronic take-on
  • 24-Hour group activation
  • Card delivery in 24 hours after activation
  • Regular, on-site group visits
  • Permanent resource @ client’s premises (group size dependant)

With Agility Life Group Risk, your corporate clients get more benefits and an integrated solution; while their employees get benefits that will ensure they stick around through the good times and the bad.