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Agility Corporate – Everything you’ve wanted to know 

Agility Corporate offers your corporate clients something truly unique – Integrated employee benefits, health, wellbeing, financial services and a rewards solution, while simultaneously offering accurate insights into a company’s overall human capital risks.

So, how will it make your corporate clients’ lives just that much better? Let’s take a look.

Absenteeism, productivity & human capital cost

Absenteeism and a lack of productivity, poses considerable financial risks to the holistic operation and performance of any business, with nearly R19 billion lost to absenteeism every year in South Africa. These extensive costs are incurred when an employee resigns from a position and the subsequent expenditure of recruitment, re-training and training a replacement directly impacts the organisations’ bottom-line.

That’s where the Agility Employee Wellbeing programme steps in. Thanks to early identification of potential health concerns, staff enrolled on the programme receive the required medical care to mitigate potential health risks and prevent more serious health events. Furthermore, it assists with identifying trends and statistics on productivity and wellbeing in the workplace to help any company or organisation manage their most valuable assets.

With reduced levels of absenteeism and healthy workers tending to be more engaged at work, productivity improves. As health and wellness related causes of staff attrition are reduced, the costs of recruiting new employees and additional training are saved.

Agility Corporate’s absenteeism model is designed to illustrate and calculate the impact of productivity loss and subsequently  the effect on employers’ total Employee Benefit costs. The model includes both quantifiable measures, such as the cost of contributing salaries and benefits to absent workers, as well as the employee benefit structure, such as Cost to Company remuneration structures. 

Agility Corporate’s provision of a well-managed, high quality and tailor-made professional service aligned to the unique needs of any organisation will provide the opportunity to further improve and enhance the wellness of their employees. Agility Corporate services are provided through sophisticated, high-tech call centres and a large on-the-ground multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, trainers and consultants.

Agility Corporate is the best solution for your corporate clients. Speak to your dedicated BSC to get all the information you could need.