Zurreal Platinum - Rewards as dynamic as you are

Medical scheme rewards programmes are notorious for making you jump through hoops to make you get a small cash-back reward or minor discounts. Whether it’s going from a bronze to a gold status, or keeping your status because you’re scared of losing your rewards level, it can be a tiring endeavour. 

Zurreal Platinum makes earning rewarded not just easier, but a great experience overall. 

The enhanced Zurreal Platinum is available to all members of Agility-administered medical schemes, which makes it the greatest add-on to your clients’ medical aid, at an affordable price.

Best of all, Agility offers incredible commission structures on Zurreal Platinum sales, so both you and your clients experience the rewards.

Zurreal Platinum gives your client back more than they could ever put in.This exceptional enhanced programme allows members to earn up to R28 550 back every year, all for R190 per person per month

That’s up to R28 550 back for:

  • Going for a few quick and painless health checks
  • Sticking to your chronic medication schedule
  • Completing your tertiary education (also valid for an immediate family member)
  • Playing three or more rounds of golf per month
  • Taking part in select sporting events
  • Going to the gym 12 or more times a month

On top of all that, Zurreal Platinum members still have access to Zurreal Rewards, which offers deals and discounts at over 1 000 different partners all across the country. This means members get rewards that are tailored to their lifestyle and redeemable exactly where they live. 

Zurreal Platinum is the perfect rewards programme. It is tailored to every lifestyle in every region, and gives you back more than you put in. 

For more information, call 0861 ZURREAL/9877 325 or email info@zurreal.co.za