Wellbeing and rewards should be about the member, not the big brand

Zurreal believes that wellbeing and rewards should be about the relationships we share with our clients,” says Denelle Morais, Brand manager for Zurreal.  “We strongly believe that there is no sense in offering benefits to our members that they will never use and have spent extensive time researching how we can take the benefits to our members as opposed to having them fit our bill.”

One of the ways in which Zurreal has done this has been by diversifying their cash rewards offering to provide for the needs and wants of a broader demographic.  This has included not just rewards for gym membership or traditional sporting events, but extended far wider to include items like golf, education rewards and even cash backs for adhering to chronic treatment.

“We are not there to police you as a member to fit into a perfect ideal, but rather to see you as an individual and reward you for your efforts to remain physically and mentally astute in the manner that best suits your lifestyle,” Morais adds.

This, Morais says, is what sets Zurreal apart from its competitors in that rewards are not tied to specific big brands and are rather focussed on what the member has in their immediate area. “Take our gym rewards for instance.  We understand that not everyone lives in the immediate area of one of the large gym brands, or in fact, feels comfortable in a larger gym environment.  Instead we allow our clients to earn their rewards at any gym, making it more client focussed and more likely to be successful in encouraging members to make healthy life choices.”

Another example is the education rewards which are not only unique to the Zurreal programme, but can be earned when completing studies at any accredited educational institution in the country.  The same is true for the golf rewards, which can be earned at any golf club.

“Our one-of-a-kind chronic rewards even allows for those members who suffer from chronic diseases which might, for whatever reason, mean they are excluded from many of the other rewards to make a concerted effort to preserve their health by adhering to their chronic treatment.  It’s easy to achieve as the member simply has to collect their chronic medication regularly every month to be eligible for the reward,” Morais says.

Members also have access to an array of other deals and discounts aimed at suiting the needs and aspirations of all of Zurreal’s members, from jewellery to travel and even assistance with legal and financial matters.

“The days of clients adhering to the strict rules of rewards programmes are over.  Zurreal is leading the way to a more dynamic and client centric approach that will ensure every client can enjoy their rewards the way they choose to, wherever they may be,” Morais concludes.