Agility HealthPocket – How integrated product solutions equal savings and hassle free cover for your client


Agility HealthPocket is your ideal tool to retaining your individual clients in the long term thanks to its complete solutions, marked savings and streamlined claims processes.   When investing in an Agility HealthPocket your client has:

  • Complete end-to-end cover for their healthcare and wellbeing and rewards needs.  This includes medical scheme cover, gap and co-payment cover, additional healthcare savings provision and access to the industry’s most unique wellbeing and rewards programme for less, in some instances, than they would be paying for only medical scheme cover with a competitor.
  • No overlapping cover.  Because the Agility HealthPocket can be tailored to the specific needs of the client, there is no overlapping and unwanted cover.  This is how we are able to offer all the benefits your client needs, for less!
  • Effortless claims processing across all their products.  This means that benefit payments are triggered across all the products in their portfolio automatically, resulting in one claims process and one point of contact.  How does this work practically?  Here are two simple examples:
  1. Your client needs a procedure for which there is a co-payment.  The doctor also charges above the scheme rate.  When your client submits their claim to the scheme for the procedure, the HealthPocket automatically triggers the refund for the co-payment and the gap payment for the difference between what the doctor charges and the medical scheme pays, thereby saving you, and your client, time and effort as opposed to filing separate claims for the various products.
  2. Your client is a  Zurreal Platinum wellbeing and rewards programme client and submits a claim for preventative care monitoring to the medical scheme.  The HealthPocket automatically triggers the payment of the related Zurreal Platinum Health Check reward payment, which is then paid into your clients Zurreal HealthCard, thereby boosting their healthcare savings effortlessly.

For more information on how Agility HealthPocket is your individual client’s ideal solution, simply chat to your dedicated Business Development Consultant.

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