February / March ideal time for brokers to break new ground in corporate sector

“Many employers have their tax burden under the spotlight at this time of year and may be looking for ways to lighten the load,” says Jan Harm Eloff, Business Development Manager at Agility Channel.  “Many may be unaware of, or have until recently not paid specific attention to, the fact that employee benefit and wellbeing solutions such as Agility Corporate are in fact tax deductible.”

According to Eloff, the Agility Employee Wellbeing Programme Comprehensive Programme offered by Agility Corporate has numerous benefits that extend beyond tax breaks. ”Because the Agility Corporate solution is integrated with the healthcare benefits and Group Risk benefits of employees, the solution not only identifies health concerns in employees early on, leading to timeous treatment and increased productivity, but as a direct result of effective human capital risk management, ensures the employer is able to enjoy exceptional rates on Group Risk benefits.”

“The savings don’t stop there”, Eloff says. “To sweeten the deal even further, we have developed the exceptional Agility Corporate HealthCoin, which saves the employer even more on their complete Agility Corporate solution should they switch to one of Agility’s leading medical schemes.”

Created for employer groups of 50 employees or more, the Agility Corporate HealthCoin is not linked to an employee health or risk profile, so your corporate clients can rest assured that what they see is what they get.

Savings employer groups can experience include:

Until end of March 2018:

·       50% Discount on group’s Zurreal Platinum premiums

·       Free Agility Gap 200 for the entire staff complement

On an ongoing basis:

·       20% Discount on Agility Employee Wellbeing Comprehensive

·       A free wellness day and Exco presentation once per annum

·       3% Discount on the unique Agility StaffCare

·       10%Discount on Agility Gap 200

·       3% Discount on Agility Life Death Benefit

·       3% Discount on Agility Life Disability Income Replacement

“Our service promise should seal the deal with any employer groups as we offer a full electronic take-on, 24-hour group activation, card delivery within 48-hours of activation and regular on-site group visits, Eloff adds. “We will even place a permanent resource at the client’s premises, dependent on the group size.  Even better news is that the Agility Health medical schemes are ready to roll with the upcoming nationwide changes to Nappi codes( codes used to identify medicines and medical consumables) which will take place on 1 March 2018 and you have a compelling argument for proposing an Agility Health medical scheme to your clients.

Agility Corporate also offers all employers who utilise the healthcare services of an Agility Health medical scheme access to the basic Agility Employee Wellbeing Core Programme, the entry-level Zurreal Rewards programme and a quick-to-view dashboard report for high-level analysis of data and human capital risk at no additional cost.

“Now is the time for brokers to speak to their corporate clients about exceptional benefits and savings achieved with the Agility Corporate solution while tax deductions, savings on expenses and profit margins are top-of-mind in the corporate sector,” Eloff concludes.

For more information on the Agility Corporate and Agility Corporate HealthCoin solutions, chat to your dedicated Agility Channel Business Development Consultant.