Boosting your clients’ healthcare savings with Zurreal

Through Zurreal Platinum clients can earn cash backs not only for visiting the gym, but also when they take part in outdoor events, play golf, take their chronic medication regularly, study further or keep a watchful eye on their health.

What differentiates Zurreal Platinum from other programmes in the market is the variety of ways to earn cash backs, which extends beyond traditional fitness activities such as gyms, and is not reliant on points systems or benefit levels. All cash backs are paid into the Zurreal Healthcard, a medical savings facility, which can then be used at any healthcare provider to pay for healthcare services.  This means that your client can effortlessly add to their healthcare savings or recoup their medical scheme contributions without concerns that the funds will be used elsewhere.  The Zurreal Healthcard can also be used as a general savings tool as card holders can choose to have their accumulated savings paid out at the end of each year to use as they wish.  Cash back earnings could amount to as much as R28 500 per annum, thus providing significant financial relief to every client.

Secondary cards are also available making it the perfect tool for students living away from home as funds in the card cannot be used for anything but healthcare services.

For more information regarding Zurreal Platinum and Zurreal Healthcard, visit or speak to your dedicated Business Development Consultant.