Supercharging your client’s healthcare cover with meaningful rewards

“In the current economic climate, there are few people who would not welcome additional medical savings for unforeseen expenses. The Zurreal Platinum wellbeing and rewards programme therefore developed a partnership with Zurreal Healthcard, an innovative healthcare savings tool that allows members to build up a nest egg at their own pace and affords complete peace of mind with funds exclusively reserved for making health-related payments, ” says Debbie Valentini, Director of Marketing, Communications and Rewards at Zurreal

Valentini explains that this service can be complementary to one’s existing medical scheme cover, although one does not need to belong to a medical aid to benefit from this medical savings tool. “During the year, payments from the card can only be made to healthcare providers, including doctors’ practices and pharmacies for example. Transactions for non-healthcare related expenses will automatically be rejected, thus effectively safeguarding members against the temptation of spending their healthcare savings on a pair of shoes or golf clubs.  At the end of the year members can opt to have their savings paid out in cash.”

For those who take a proactive approach to their health, or could benefit from an inducement to be more health-conscious, medical scheme members who join the Zurreal Platinum rewards programme can earn cash back for attending gym regularly, taking part in selected sporting events and for having their routine preventative health checks.

There are even industry-first rewards for adhering to your chronic medication and for playing a round of golf on a regular basis. The programme also does not limit gym benefits to a few larger franchises, and members can earn rewards that amount to their full gym membership at any facility throughout the country. This puts our rewards within everyone’s financial reach by not merely catering to the traditional forms of exclusive partnerships that the vast majority of other wellbeing and rewards programmes undertake.

Zurreal is both a wellbeing and rewards programme, and offers access to a variety of additional services including telephonic financial counselling and tax advice, legal advice, health advice from nurses in a number of South African languages, a telephone trauma counselling service and online health advice from a team of dieticians, physiotherapists and life coaches.

“These services are available to all Zurreal members, as part of our commitment to holistically promoting members’ wellness. As rest and recreation are also essential to anyone’s wellbeing, we have also negotiated excellent discounts on travel, clothing, magazines, mobile data, movie tickets and a wide range of other products and services for our members,” Valentini explains.

Zurreal’s philosophy is that true wellbeing is multifaceted, and both physical and financial health are integral to one’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest and perform at their best.  We believe that everybody, regardless of their health status, income or geographic location should be able to access and reap the rewards of our benefits,” she concluded.