Driving down healthcare costs – the case for employee wellbeing programmes

At the core of a strategic and supportive employee wellbeing programme is proactive health and wellbeing management as opposed to reactive care once the employee has already taken ill.  Agility Corporate offers two well positioned Employee Wellbeing Programmes (EWP), aimed at the identification of at risk employees before they become ill, and channels them to healthcare and psychosocial (emotional and financial wellbeing) interventions that address their needs in their infancy.

This proactive approach drives down healthcare costs as well as reduces absenteeism as healthcare utilisation is undertaken during the primary stage of disease, subsequently driving down the number of major health events (heart attack, stroke, depression etc.) and the need for extended periods of sick leave.  This has a knock-on effect of ensuring employees are healthier for longer and that the need for increased or higher healthcare benefits is reduced.

Agility Corporate’s Employee Wellbeing Core programme is available at no additional cost to all employers that belong to one of the medical schemes in the Agility Corporate stable and offers free telephonic counselling for psychosocial and health related matters on a 24/7 basis. 

The extended Agility Employee Wellbeing Comprehensive solution offers a wide range of interventions and utilises biometric data gathered at health days and one-on-one interactions to identify risk and encourage at risk employees to seek healthcare interventions proactively.  An example of such an intervention is as follows:

  1. James attends a health day at his offices
  2. He finds out his cholesterol and blood pressure are a concern
  3. He is advised to visit his doctor
  4. James visits his doctor and gets medication for his cholesterol and blood pressure
  5. His employer reaps the rewards of lower absenteeism and higher productivity by James and a reduced need for curative care
  6. He avoids a possible heart attack or stroke and remains healthy and able to go to work

Agility's Employee Wellbeing programme can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the employer and can include all or some of the following elements:

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