The Zurreal factor

The Zurreal Rewards programme is available free of charge to all Agility Channel product members and offers a wide range of valuable discounts on all sorts of health, entertainment and lifestyle products.  These are not limited only to big retailers in central urban areas, and members are catered for on a regional level as well. 

In addition, members also have free and unlimited access to Zurreal Assist, which provides assistance with regards to a whole host of services including legal advice, assistance with traffic fines and even health and financial advice.

A reward for everyone

Most rewards programmes on the market cater only for the fit and healthy when it comes to their major benefits. The enhanced Zurreal Platinum programme, on offer to Agility client medical scheme members, however offers more than the discounted benefits of other similarly targeted rewards programmes.  The programme offers members tangible cash back rewards of up to R23 150 every year for a number of health related activities which members of all health and fitness levels and with varied priorities and interests can access.  These include:

  • Gym rewards – Up to R9 200 every year
  • Sport fit rewards – Up to R2 000 every year when taking part in a range of outdoor events
  • Education Bursary – Up to R4 000 when completing a course at any accredited institution
  • Golf Rewards – Up to R4 500 at any golf course
  • Chronic Rewards – Up to R4 000 for sticking to a chronic treatment plan, every year
  • Health Check Rewards – Up to R3 450 every year for undergoing a range of annual health checks

All rewards are paid into the member’s Zurreal Healthcard which can be used at any healthcare provider to pay for health services, or they can accumulate funds for pay-out at the end of every year.  This makes the Zurreal and Zurreal Platinum programmes truly a unique and compelling offering for any member.

For more information on these programmes speak to your dedicated Agility Channel Business Development Consultant