Understanding the unique needs of the Hospitality Sector

We know that HIV requires effective preventative and treatment management, a task Agility Corporate includes as part of its complete solution in the form of educational and drug compliance programmes aimed at ensuring employees are able to manage their lifestyle effectively and remain healthier and more productive for longer.

Should this trend towards the aforementioned illnesses not be mitigated effectively through a combination of effective preventative and curative care, it could result in a knock-on effect on your client’s profits by negatively impacting on their Group Risk premiums as a result of increased utilisation of:

  • Disability benefits
  • Funeral benefits
  • Group Life benefits

Our in-depth research has furthermore shown that by far, the majority of healthcare expenditure in the hospitality industry is as a result of hospitalisation, GP visits and pharmacy utilisation. 

Effective and timely identification of health concerns and the proactive management of chronic illnesses and conditions can best be undertaken through Agility Corporate’s industry first Patient Driven Care™ (PDC™) programme which assists employees and their dependants to better manage their conditions via the allocation of a Personal Health Coordinator (PHC) which has a complete view of their overall health.  Where necessary, additional care is provided to ensure the best possible health outcomes for the employee or dependant, by encouraging holistic treatment compliance.  

In addition the unique Employee Driven Care™ (EDC™) programme, which includes employee wellness days and proactive identification of high risk employees, will curb high hospitalisation utilisation, resulting in lower medical scheme claims and less need to upgrade to more costly healthcare options.

In a nutshell, Agility Corporate helps your client with:

  • Timeously identify risk
  • Actively manage Group Risk and healthcare premiums
  • Effectively manage your employee risk through:
    • Active patient management
    • Effective absenteeism management

Agility Corporate is ideally positioned to effectively decrease and neutralise the effects of these and other risks to your hospitality industry client’s organisation by introducing quality employee health and wellbeing programmes that are directly linked to their healthcare cover and aimed at driving down risk and the related costs to the employer.