Understanding the product needs of the Printing Sector

The in-depth research has furthermore shown that by far, the majority of healthcare expenditure in the printing sector is as a result of hospitalisation. 

Should this trend not be reduced effectively it could result in a knock-on effect on profits by negatively impacting on Group Risk premiums as a result of increased utilisation of:

  • Disability benefits
  • Funeral benefits
  • Group Life benefits

Effective and timely intervention in illness has been shown globally to reduce the severity of illness and resulted in a speedier return to health, thus reducing absenteeism and ensuring workers remain well enough to continue being productive. 

In an industry with the dynamics such as that of the printing industry, where there are a large number of low-income employees, the Agility StaffCare solution is well positioned to provide workers with the basic occupational healthcare they need to effectively treat illness early on, thus preventing deterioration of their health which may require extended sick leave.  It also reduces the need for employees to take an entire day off work to visit state facilities as a result of Agility StaffCare’s provision of a network of providers within a private healthcare setting.

For middle to senior employees, the security of our range of affordable medical scheme options will furthermore encourage early disease and illness onset interventions, ultimately reducing absenteeism and enhancing productivity while limiting out-of-pocket expenses for the employee. 

In a nutshell, Agility Corporate helps your client and employers in all sectors to:

  • Proactively encourage health interventions amongst employees
  • Drive down absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Actively manage Group Risk and healthcare premiums
  • Effectively manage employee risk through:
  • Active patient management
  • Effective absenteeism management

Agility Corporate is ideally positioned to effectively decrease and neutralise the effects of these and other risks to your client by introducing quality employee health and wellbeing programmes that are directly linked to their healthcare cover and aimed at driving down risk and the related costs to the employer.

In conclusion, the Agility Corporate healthcare solution offers all employees Zurreal Rewards at no additional cost to the employer or the employee. Benefits include thousands of discounts and deals, discounted airtime and much more! Read more

Employees also enjoy the free Employee Driven Care Core (EDC Core) programme at no additional cost to the employer which offers 24/7 telephonic advice on everything from financial to health and psychosocial matters. Read more