The value of group risk benefits in the employer group

Many employees regard their benefit package as the primary reason for staying with their current employer. Group Risk has firmly established itself as an integral part of the South African employee benefit mix. With a staggering 30% of South Africans without life insurance, this product has significant market relevance.

How to market Group Risk to your employer group

Group Risk benefits are a must-have for every forward thinking employer because they:

·       Help attract quality talent

·       Ensures skills retention amongst current employees

·       Are highly affordable

·       Can be tailored to the business’s specific needs

·       Position the employer positively with trade unions and employees alike


What’s in it for you, the broker?

·       More commission

·       One point of contact

·       A foot in the door with possibilities to cross-sell additional products


Group Risk benefits + holistic wellbeing solution = Unique value proposition

Agility Life’s Group Risk benefits fit into the overall Agility Corporate solution, an industry-first approach to seamlessly integrating financial services with health and employee wellbeing. The unique combination enables Agility Life to offer substantial discounts to its employer group clients as a direct result of managing their entire human capital risk portfolio with Agility Corporate.