Gym benefits only as good  as the closest partner

A wider gym network than ever before

Zurreal has contracted with smaller, more regional gyms, to provide up to 20% off in gym membership fees.  With no points system or benefit levels, this means that the member enjoys the benefits from day one.  Zurreal is available FREE of charge to all Agility Channel product clients.

Up to R9 200 in cash back rewards at ANY gym

Zurreal Platinum, the enhanced programme enables the member to earn cash back rewards to the value of up to R9 200 at the gym of their choice, anywhere across the country.  This unique benefit is payable when the member visits the gym regularly and is not subject to a points systems.  It is furthermore quick and easy to claim their rewards as they simply ask their gym for their access statistics every quarter and submit them to the Zurreal team.  The more they exercise the greater their rewardClick here to find out more