Agility Channel brings CMS training to our brokers

The brokers utilised the opportunity to ask questions about the healthcare landscape, including how scheme sustainability is measured and the way forward for the industry.  Key highlights from the training, which was facilitated by the CMS, included:

  • The acknowledgement that the current system of requiring a 25% solvency is not an accurate indication of a scheme’s financial position and is being reviewed by the Council
  • The financial advisor is responsible for ensuring that a scheme is financially sound when proposing it to their clients and the CMS is not responsible in this regard
  • The Council is encouraging medical scheme’s to take a more aggressive position with regards toinvestments in order for them to reap maximum rewards
  • The Council in busy with a process of reviewing the current PMB requirements
  • This is coupled with a process to ensure the development of low cost benefit options
  • Consideration is furthermore being given to the possibility of enforcing mandatory medical scheme membership
  • Quality of care is currently low due to many schemes’ medicine formularies and the Council is encouraging schemes to implement proper patient care programmes such as the Patient Driven Care ™(PDC™) which Agility Health offers its client schemes.
  • There are currently 6 million people utilisingprimary care who can become members of a low cost option, thereby effectively dealing with the challenge of under insured individuals
  • The Council intends implementing a CPD programme for brokers through which they will need to attend accredited training on an ongoing basis in order for their accreditation to be renewed