Unlimited benefit utilisation the key to a successful wellbeing and rewards programme


Not only does the Zurreal Rewards programme offer access to a wide range of benefits and deals, but members can access these as often as they like and in three ways:

  • Online through the Zurreal portal
  • On their cellphones
  • By calling the call centre

The enhanced Zurreal Platinum programme, which offers up to R23 150 in annual cash back rewards offers a wide range of opportunities for members to earn cash back which are not limited to conventional gym membership.  These include: 

  • Gym rewards
  • SportFit rewards when taking part in a range of outdoor sporting events
  • Education bursaries when studying further at any accredited institution
  • Health Check Rewards for undergoing basic health monitoring
  • Chronic rewards for adhering to chronic medication
  • Golf rewards for playing a regular round of golf