Quality healthcare cover for the first-time buyer

Suiting their life-stage and their pocket

For the first-time healthcare buyer who is young and healthy, a hospital option such as Spectramed’s Aqua plan is an ideal point of entry.  Not only will they have exceptional cover for catastrophic healthcare events that require hospitalisation, but the affordability of this hospital plan is certain to appeal to their pocket.  In addition, the Spectramed Aqua option also provides quality cover for 29 chronic diseases as well as some preventative screening benefits, making it not only well priced within its market, but well-rounded as well.

Add day-to-day healthcare savings

Ideally, you can even ensure your young client has made some provision for day-to-day healthcare by introducing them to the Zurreal Healthcard, a handy debit card that allows them the freedom to save as much as they can afford on a monthly basis.  Because their Zurreal Healthcard can only be used at healthcare providers, they won’t be tempted to spend their cash elsewhere and they even earn market-related interest on their savings.  They can also use the card to save for a well-deserved holiday and have their funds paid out at the end of the year!

For more information on these and other options that can meet your client’s specific needs, use the Agility HealthPocket quoting tool today.

For more information on this phenomenal quoting tool, speak to your dedicated Agility Channel Business Development Consultant.