Medical Scheme vs Hospital Insurance cover – how the new demarcation works in your favour


Let’s begin by saying that all of Agility Channel’s products are already compliant with the new demarcation regulations, so when you sell one of our products, you know your client won’t be faced with any nasty snags down the line.

Your straightforward response to “that” question

In terms of the new demarcations, medical scheme hospital options are a better idea than hospital cash plans as:

  • Hospital cash plans will, in future, be limited to a benefit of R3 000 per day or a lump sum of R20 000 per year.  If you bear this in mind a hospital cash plan won’t get you very far in the case of hospitalisation
  • For just a little more per month, your client can enjoy a hospital option from one of Agility Channel’s medical schemes that has unlimited hospitalisation, cover for PMB conditions as well as quality chronic care
  • Hospital cash plans on the other hand may charge a higher premium:

o   For plans covering HIV, AIDS, TB and Malaria

o   If a policy is taken out at a certain age

For more information on the new demarcations, speak to your dedicated Agility Channel Business Development Consultant