The Employee Driven Care™ (EDC™) programme consists of two levels of care, namely:

  • EDC Core – Free to all corporate clients whose employees belong to a medical scheme in the Agility stable
  • EDC Comprehensive Available at highly affordable rates as part of an integrated solution that can be rolled out as part of a complete Agility Corporate package, or on its own with existing systems that your employer has in place

By implementing EDC™ in their business, your corporate clients can:

  • Get to the heart of employee wellbeing, both physical, mental and financial
  • Ensure that they get the care they need before it leads to absenteeism
  • Increase productivity and ultimately, their bottom line

What your clients get

EDC Core - consists of a telephonic helpline which is available to all staff members for their health advice, legal, financial and psychosocial needs

EDC Comprehensive - includes health days, one-on-one interventions, VCT, comprehensive reporting. Risk is identified early on and employees directed for interventions and care before they require sick or other leave

What you get

  • Added commission
  • One point of contact
  • Added credibility with the Employer Group
  • The opportunity to sell the entire Agility Corporate solution to your Corporate Clients

Want to know more?

Contact your Agility Channel Business Development Consultant.