What is Patient Driven Care™ (PDC™)?

PDC™ is Agility Health’s dedicated managed care programme that will make sure that your high risk clients manage their healthcare benefits effectively and ensure they get the care they need, when they need it most.  This means that they won't have to postpone taking care of their health because they have run out of benefits. 

The programme places a key focus on preventative care and helps your client to take the necessary steps to avoid a health episode that could compromise their future health. 

Benefits for chronic members

It’s important to keep in mind that PDC™ is a health management programme and Agility Health has a sophisticated process, based on advanced managed care principles and protocols, that quickly identifies your clients who could benefit from the helping hand the programme offers.  

Benefits include:

  • Their very own dedicated Personal Health Coordinator (PHC) to guide and assist them in gaining access to the most suitable treatment levels for all their chronic needs.  This person, unlike other schemes’ condition specific programmes, has a complete view of their overall state of health and claims history. Their sole focus is to advise them and assist them to make the most of their benefits.
  • A helping hand in managing their chronic benefits
  • In some cases, access to extra benefits that help your client to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible

Who qualifies for the PDC programme?

Your client would ideally use the PDC™ programme if they:

  • Have a chronic illness (depending on the severity of the condition)
  • Are at an increased risk of having an adverse health event that may, for example, result in hospitalisation
  • Have had severe in-hospital or other acute health events
  • Have a rare disease and need constant monitoring

How to register for the programme

Registering for the PDC™ programme can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Based on claims patterns, our progressive clinical systems will quickly identify high risk members. Once flagged by our system, they will be contacted by the PDC™ team who will discuss the programme with them and assist with registration
  2. If they suffer from a severe chronic disease, your client can apply for registration on the programme.   The application process is quick and easy and can be done either telephonically or via email.

For more information, chat to your dedicated Agility Channel Business Development Consultant.