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Agility Rewards

A unique wellbeing and rewards programme specifically designed for your diverse workforce, Agility Rewards consists of two holistic solutions that are ideally suited for the corporate sector. The programme’s innovative benefit structures are seamlessly integrated into each of the Agility Corporate solutions and offer a variety of health and wellbeing benefits.

The programme includes a basic entry-level programme Agility Rewards that is available free of charge to your entire workforce, and an enhanced wellbeing solution, Agility Rewards Platinum, for your more senior personnel. Agility Rewards offers 7 baskets of wellbeing benefits and rewards deals and discounts that our team of bargain hunters have negotiated.

As Agility Rewards members, your staff will also have access to a variety of Assist services that include financial advice and counselling, legal advice, health on call, access to our expert blog, fine and panic assist, as well as travel assist.

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Agility Rewards Platinum

The exceptional, enhanced Agility Rewards Platinum wellbeing and rewards programme offers exclusive benefits and rewards which include up to R37 650  in cash rewards for visiting the gym regularly, keeping an eye on your health, taking part in selected sporting events, travel and even studying further. 

Benefits include:

  • Monthly gym fees paid IN FULL if you go to the gym regularly, up to R12 000 per year

  • Entry fees to selected sporting events refunded up to R2 500 per year

  • R4 150 if you go for your regular health check-ups

  • Up to R8 000 cash back for regularly taking your chronic medication

  • An education bursary valued up to R5 000 when you study at any accredited South African tertiary institution

  • Get up to R6 750 cash back on school fee rewards for paying your child’s fees.tion